What can you get from pubg crates

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What do crates do in PUBG?

They grant players one random cosmetic item which they can trade on the Steam marketplace, deconstruct for currency or equip on their character.”

How do you get good stuff in crates PUBG?

Just keep on collecting premium crate coupons until you have 10 of them. Then open all of them simultaneously or one by one and you will get a guaranteed legendary item in the 10th draw. In the premium crate, there is a feature through which you can get a legendary item in 10 draws.

Is it better to open 10 crates in PUBG mobile?

Sadly no, most of the time, crates contain a few types of legendary items, the legendary item you see in front are not the only legendary items, so when you buy 10 crates, there is a pretty high chance you won’t get the top item.

What are the different crates in PUBG?

Purchasable crates w/ in-game BP
  • Wanderer Crate.
  • Survivor Crate.
  • Biker Crate.
  • Militia Crate.
  • Fall 2018 Crate.

How do you cheat on PUBG?

Control their spray with a 4 X or a 6 X scope no matter how close or far their target is chances are they’re using a no recoil cheat.

What is Soldier crate in PUBG?

The Winter Soldier Crate is an exclusive crate in BATTLEGROUNDS inspired by the release of the “Vikendi” map. This crate can be found only in the Russian market but the keys can be activated globally.

How do you get legendary items in crates?

Open atleast 10 premium crates in a limited time to get one guaranteed legendary item. There is no such fixed number for classic and supply crate. You’ll have to open more than 10 for that to say the least. However premium crate is the best for getting legendary items.

Which time is best for PUBG crate opening?

The best timing for PUBG crate opening is 6 PM to 8 PM and Mid-night. The logic behind that is, in mid-night the traffic on VPN and PUBG is low. This will increase the chances of getting Mythic or Legendary permanent items. You should open the PUBG crates in the Evening while using a VPN.

Which server is best for PUBG crate opening?

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is your best VPN to get PUBG skins and open crates from anywhere in the world.

What time does BGMI server refresh?

That means the server resets at the same time as global servers. So, we can safely say that Battlegrounds Mobile India crates reset every Tuesday at 5 PM PDT (00:00 UTC). For India is 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (​UTC), the correct reset time for BGMI crates will be 10:30 PM every Tuesday.

What is in the biker crate PUBG?

Crate items
NameDrop rateCategory
Aviator Goggles0.03%Glasses, Goggles
Beanie (Gray)4.50%Hat
Biker Pants (Black)0.40%Pants
Biker Pants (Gray)0.05%Pants


What crate is the trench coat in PUBG?

The Trench Coat (Black) is a jacket in BATTLEGROUNDS. This item can be found in the Survivor Crate or you can buy it on the Steam Marketplace.

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