Why are people still playing pubg

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Is people still playing PUBG?

First released at the start of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games on Steam and had over 527 thousand peak concurrent players in the last recorded month, April 2022. The highest number of concurrent players was recorded in January 2018 at 3.24 million.

Is PUBG still popular 2020?

PUBG Mobile was already starting to ascend in 2019, but with the coronavirus pandemic, the game has skyrocketed in both downloads and revenue. In March 2020 when the world went into its first lockdown, PUBG Mobile made $270 million a month in revenue.

Is PUBG becoming popular again?

Developer Krafton launched the previously announced free-to-play update on for all supported platforms. This drastic change skyrocketed its Steam player count to about double its former average weekly peak in the past 48 hours. According to SteamDB, the average peak used to be about 300,000.

Is it OK to play PUBG after ban?

PUBG Mobile India has been banned by the Indian Government ever since . No statements has been made from both PUBG Corporation and Government of India on the re-launching of the game. PUBG game is still banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000.

Is PUBG worth buying in 2021?

If you are a fan of shooters, third-person games, or battle royales then PUBG is a very good game to buy. I dropped the game around 3 years ago due to not being able to afford it on the console. Despite this, if you were to ask me if I would buy it now, I would say yes.

Which country plays PUBG the least?

CharacteristicShare of players
South Korea5.5%
United Kingdom4%


Which is no 1 game in world?

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.FortniteEpic Games
2.MinecraftMojang Studios
3.Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve
4.League of LegendsRiot Games


Will there be a PUBG 2?

PUBG 2’s release date was slated for late 2022. Krafton CEO Kim ChangHan told Bloomberg in January 2021 that the company was planning to release a new mobile title, a game linked to PUBG next year, and a survival horror game in 2022.

Is PUBG or Fortnite better?

Fortnite Has a Better Online Community

Fortnite’s gameplay tends to be faster-paced than PUBG, and there isn’t as much of a time investment for its players. If a random person on my squad messes up during gameplay, then I’ve only lost 5 – 15 minutes of my time instead of 30 minutes or more.

How many players in PUBG in 2021?

PUBG Monthly Player Statistics
MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / Loss %


How many players still play PUBG?

배그 동시 접속자 정보 및 스팀 Top10
691,402709,234Lost Ark
656,007692,214Dota 2
317,058365,666Apex Legends


Is PUBG Mobile popular in 2021?

According to Sensor Tower, for the final month of the year PUBG Mobile generated $244 million in consumer spending, an increase of 36.7 per cent year-over-year. This marks the fifth time the title has taken the top revenue spot in 2021, including February, July, August, and November.

Can PUBG be back in India?

PUBG Mobile has come back to India with a new name. Battlegrounds Mobile India can be downloaded from Play Store.

What will happen if we will play PUBG?

PUBG has been under scrutiny for being a violent game. Excessive violence can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions and behaviour that ultimately affects the mental health of the player.

Can we play PUBG in India?

It should be noted that PUBG Mobile Global version is still banned in India as it was unable to secure player data and privacy. “Downloading the APK file of a global version from an unknown site or an app store can be problematic. There are high chances that the APK files turn out to be malicious.

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