Why dont houses load in pubg

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Why do my buildings not load in PUBG?

The most common workaround in solving the problem is using the inventory page to force load the buildings around you. When you press the tab button, your inventory will come forward which will consist of all the items you currently own. Pressing the tab button again will take you back to your game.

How can I make PUBG maps load faster?

6 fixes for PUBG stuck on loading screen
  1. Stop overclocking your CPU.
  2. Update available drivers.
  3. Configure Windows Firewall settings.
  4. Turn off BEServices in Task Manager.
  5. Reconfigure Internet.
  6. Temporarily disable antivirus program.

How do I fix slow rendering PUBG?

A slow render time can be caused by the slow transfer of game files from hard drive to RAM. One way to get the files quickly to RAM is by booting them from a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead. So you’ll want to transfer the game folder onto your SSD.

How do I fix PUBG mobile textures not loading?

Optimise PUBG Mobile’s Graphics Settings

If textures aren’t loading in, then we’d highly recommend running PUBG Mobile on its lowest settings. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select the Graphics tab. You’ll want to set the Graphics to Smooth and turn off Anti-Aliasing to boost performance.

Is PUBG PC banned in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has ordered that ‘dangerous’ games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Garena Free Fire be banned from Bangladesh’s online platforms.

Why is my PUBG matchmaking taking so long?

Stop all background internet activity (particularly downloads). Disable any active VPNs (e.g. Nord, Surfshark, TunnelBear). Play PUBG: New State at different times: Weekday evenings and weekends should increase the matchmaking pool, potentially speeding up the process.

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